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springline coffee

We are thrilled to be the first retail location for Springline Coffee! Founded by Rich Palizzolo and Joe McCarthy, Springline is micro-roasted in Rhode Island. We have bags of whole bean and ground. We are brewing Springline Signature, Echo Bravo Espresso and No Wake Decaf.

Rich and Joe will be at the Fuller Cup this Saturday 3/13 providing a tasting. Come on by to meet these great guys, taste some coffee and win some merch!

On the shelf we have:

  • Springline Signature - Our Signature blend is also our most popular. This bold blend combines three of our favorite dark roast beans from Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Colombia. The result? A rich, smooth blend that will be your new favorite ritual.

    Origin - Costa Rica, Indonesia (Sumatra), Colombia
    Tasting Notes - Walnut, Cocoa, Caramel
    Roast - Dark (4/5)

  • No Wake Decaf - No Wake is our bold-bodied, medium roast decaf coffee. To decaffeinate the coffee, we use a Swiss Water Process—an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process. You'll enjoy all the rich, bold flavor, without any of the caffeine.

    Origin - Colombia
    Tasting Notes - Grapefruit, Cocoa, Walnut

    Roast - Medium (3/5)

  • Sea Salt Caramel Mocha - Bringing together the best of the ocean, and the best of our flavors to create the perfect treat—our Sea Salt Caramel Mocha. We use our Colombian beans and highlight the flavors of caramel and cocoa. Then, we finish it off with a touch of sea salt and you have a perfectly sweet and salty treat.

    Origin - Colombia
    Tasting Notes - Cocoa, Caramel, Walnut
    Roast - Medium (3/5)


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