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The FULLer CUP is more than just a brick and mortar space; The FULLer CUP is a place to connect, a place to meet, and a place to be treated like a guest in our home.

For us at the FULLer CUP being a good neighbor means more than just doing good business. It means collaborating with fellow businesses to celebrate and acknowledge a moment in someone’s life or to showcase a local author or artist. It means providing a space to gather for a school club or hosting a weekly storybook hour for busy moms. 

At the FULLer CUP we want every customers to feel safe and appreciated. We seek out and discover a common ground with each customer. We want every interaction to leave our customers with the feeling of being recognized and heard. 

We also recognize that the best way to show support to our community is attending local meetings, restaurant association’s and leadership groups. We want to stay in touch with the happenings in town by listening with two ears and making the most of all good ideas.

Finally, we at the FULLer CUP believe that including local, fresh ingredients in our menu and on our shelves fuels our commitment to be a part of the community and to operate such that our customer believes we are the people’s place in Winchester.

We are human. We need connection. We need food. We need the FULLer CUP.

Laura Fuller

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