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  • Laura Fuller

The Vision Behind The FULLer Cup

Hello Winchester!

My name is Laura Fuller and I am the new owner and founder of the FULLer CUP! I am so excited to be a part of this active community and I look forward to meeting everyone. I wanted to use this first blog post to share a little about myself in hopes that it will inspire to you to share a little about yourself when you visit us.

I am one of five kids. In fact, I’m right in the middle, as I am the elder of a set of twins. My twin sister Susan, whom I refer to as Susie, will actually be working with me at the FULLer CUP. Our brothers Peter, John and Timothy live in Indiana and Atlanta respectively. We hope you will meet them soon! We were corn fed and farm raised straight out of the valley of western Massachusetts in a town called Montgomery. Mom, Dad and Jake—the family Bichon—still reside there. In my mind we were the equivalent of The Little House on the Prairie, but with modern utilities, like running water and electricity. The concept of running a business (or in this case a farm) was introduced to us at a young age as we each were responsible for the care of an animal. Our efforts determined whether or not the chickens would lay healthy eggs and the goats would yield gallons of milk for our hill town customers. Although our chores were often considered to be inconvenient and tiring, they taught us the importance of caring for another living thing. Our chores also allowed us to experience the rewards of our actions via our satisfied customers and healthy animals. To me a satisfied customer gives you such a feeling of warmth and fulfillment.

After the farm, my career took me to Caribou Coffee followed by Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s holds a warm place in my heart. Considered the greatest place on Earth, next to Walt Disney World of course, Trader Joe's was my home for over 10 years. Throughout my time at these companies, I often recalled 3 words that I wrote in a college essay once: compassion, contribute and inspire. These 3 words would ultimately describe the kind of person I would aspire to be. My mission is still to meet people with an open heart, and to create an environment of opportunity and development. An environment that motivates individuals to be and do more than they ever imagined. This mission of benevolence, however, cannot be possible without FULL stomachs and FULLer spirits. Thus my dream for the FULLer CUP was born.

My vision for the FULLer CUP is to create a business that feeds peoples stomachs, hearts, and minds. I want it to promote ideas and collaboration. At the FULLer CUP, our intention is to build a crew who is motivated, excited, and inspired to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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