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Local Art at the CUP

You've probably noticed that our walls are hardly ever bare! They're full of colorful and unique pieces of art, created by local artists. Here at the CUP, we love to feature members of our community to show just how diverse and amazing our community is!

When you come in and enjoy their art, you're really gaining a little more perspective on the bubble in which we live. Appreciating and supporting local art is essential to bringing us all closer together and filling our cups. The world is full of talented individuals, it's sometimes shocking to see that so many of them exist in our area! But that's just how life is -- we can't accurately judge someone on one interaction, and even after many, we still cannot.

Everyone has a story, a journey, and a unique outlook inspired by those things. So come take a peek when you have the chance, and keep your eye out for new Artists on Display here every month or so.

(photos courtesy of Jason DeWaard and Carolyn Latinision)

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