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The Story Behind The Crowbrook Classic

Winchester community members, and patrons of The FULLer CUP from near and far, admire the Crowbrook Classic for its exceptionally delicious taste, but also because it nourishes something deeper.

It feels like home.

Laura’s take on the breakfast favorite calls for two farm fresh eggs from Maine, The FULLer CUP’s own naturally-cured & oven-baked bacon, and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese on homemade, hand-rolled english muffin. During the trial-and-error phase of whipping up recipes in her twin sister Suzie’s home prior to opening the storefront, Laura’s trusted taste-testers, her two nephews and brother-in-law, gave the english muffin the green light. Thank goodness they did. There are plenty of places in town to grab a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich, but it is only at The FULLer CUP that you can enjoy breakfast on a fresh-baked english muffin.

The Crowbrook Classic is a piece of Laura’s heart and piece of Laura’s home.

Laura grew up on a dairy and goat farm in rural Huntington, Massachusetts. The 30 acres of land provided sustenance for her family and their home. In the winter, they heated the house with wood cut from their backyard, and in the summers they fed their garden with water from the brook, the Crowbrook, that runs through their property.

Laura paints a quintessential picture of her family farm, (“it was, and is, a modern day little house on the prairie,” she joked with me), but maintaining their home required effort and attention. The five Fuller kids were the farm hands. Each child was responsible for taking care of an animal and completing other various chores before they could go hang out with friends or play on their after school sports teams.

Laura’s upbringing taught her responsibility and instilled in her a strong work ethic.  I would venture to say that Laura’s upbringing instilled in her a work perseverance. The responsibilities on the farm were consistent; there are no days off. Similarly, Laura’s responsibilities at The CUP are unending and often times challenging, yet she returns day after day with a positive spirit and a warm glow. Paying homage to Laura’s roots and the mantra that with hard work comes great reward, the Crowbrook Classic exemplifies The FULLer CUP standard: providing customers with a product that was prepared with love, purpose and highest quality ingredients.

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