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FULLer on the Farm

Just two miles from the heart of Winchester Center lies Wright-Locke Farm, a hidden oasis tucked away in the corner of the Fells Reserve. Established in the Waterfield district of the former town of Charleston, the original farm was founded by John Wright and his family in 1638. It was eventually purchased from the Wrights by Josiah Locke, Sr. in 1800, and private residents owned the property until 2007. Since that time the farm has been maintained by the town of Winchester and preserved by the non-profit Wright-Locke Farm Conservatory. Today it serves as a monument to the town’s past, and a guiding lig

ht towards its bright future.

A visit to Wright-Locke Farm today is a trip of your own creation. If you’re looking for an immersive, historical experience you can start by exploring the six standing buildings, on the settlement, including the main farmhouse built by Asa Locke in 1828. For those seeking a meaningful connection to nature there are trails leading to the Fells Reserve, and seasonal blackberry picking in late August and early September. There are also educational opportunities, with lecture series and classes offered year-round for all ages. Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or a long-term commitment to learning, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Wright-Locke.

One of the events hosted by the Wright-Locke Farm Conservatory is the “Lettuce Turnip the Beet” series, a weekly music night featuring entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Hosted Thursday afternoons in July and August, audience members enjoy the music of local artists in the rolling fields of Wright-Locke surrounded by the plump and inquisitive chickens who call the farm home. The farm stand offers refreshing beverages as well as seasonal produce, and volunteers are happy to any answer questions about the event or the farm itself.

Here at the FULLer CUP we have a special place in our hearts for Wright-Locke and are proud to offer a dining option for Farm Night. For our exclusive Thursday night menu FULLer CUP chooses to highlight shared values between the restaurant and farm: using fresh and local ingredients, and recognizing the importance of the community’s past, present, and future. In addition to many of our classic sandwiches—such as the MYSTIC and the BASIC—Farm Night provides a new opportunity to experiment with local ingredients. One of the premium salads previously offered at Farm Night was our Asian Garden Salad. One of the qualities that made this salad so special was theuse of fresh sugar snap peas from Wright-Locke farm and as well as honey ginger dressing using artisan honey from Tewksbury Honey. This salad and other Farm Night items act as prime examples of how local products can bring you flavors from far away.

To experience the best of Wright-Locke and the FULLer CUP together, be sure to check out the final Farm Night of the summer on August 15, featuring music by Hank Wonder: To access our exclusive farm night menu, follow this link: and place your order by 2:00 pm that same day to have your food delivered fresh to the farm. You can also learn more about Wright-Locke at their website:, or by visiting the site at 78 Ridge Street. Special thanks to Wright-Locke Farm's website, which provided the historical information used in this article.

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